For Knee Replacement Surgery

Efficient, Personalized Surgery: The right fit for nearly every knee

It’s not surprising. Research proves that differences in bone shape influence the way a knee replacement fits. That’s why the personalized solution your surgeon can give you with Zimmer Biomet® Patient Specific Instruments makes so much sense.

Customized Instrumentation

Here’s how it works.

Well before the day of your surgery, your doctor will send you for a highly precise MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) of your knee. Using this 3-D image and software developed exclusively for this purpose, your surgeon creates a detailed plan for your surgery—including customized instrumentation that shows exactly how your new knee should be positioned.

Combining Zimmer Biomet Patient Specific Instruments with Zimmer Biomet’s wide range of knee shapes and sizes helps your surgeon give you the best possible fit and the best possible outcome. That’s why the knee with one of the lowest rates of “do-overs” in joint replacement registries1 comes from Zimmer Biomet.